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Blockbusters to Hit Theaters this Summer   Blockbusters to Hit Theaters this Summer
By Rohina @ 02 Jun 2012 :: Article Rating
Planning movies this season? Well, June has already got underway and by the looks of the first day itself, it keeps up with the promise to treat movie-goers with a package bursting of super-heroes, remakes, follow-ups, comedies and mega-budget projects promising tons of entertainment. 

Just for the record, this summer, prepare yourself to full-size Hollywood titles to the likes of Rock of Ages, Snow White and the Huntsman, Safe Haven, Madagascar 3 and Prometheus. The list further continues with Adam Sandler-starrer That’s My Boy, Jack the Giant Killer, Men In Black 3, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Pixar’s Brave. Meanwhile, an offering by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane – Ted – an American comedy film is slated for a June-end worldwide premiere. 

One of the smashing hits of 2012 hands down being Marvel’s The Avengers needs a special mention. Worldwide dubbed as ‘the first all-star movie by design’, The Avengers was able to gross more than $1.5 billion up until now. Nevertheless, Scarlett Johansson-starrer has been the talk of the netizens as well. Both channels of the social media including Facebook page and the Twitter account of The Avengers have been flooded by likes and followers since its worldwide release early this year. 

Currently reigning at #1 spot on the charts, The Avengers is expected to face stiff competition in the form of MIB 3 and Kristen Stewart-starrer Snow White and the Huntsman. An internet favorite, the latter is supposedly a strong candidate to contend against The Avengers. 
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