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Google Acquiring Motorola Mobility and gains 17000 Patents   Google Acquiring Motorola Mobility and gains 17000 Patents
By Salar Golestanian @ 16 Aug 2011 :: Article Rating
Google buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion, This is probably good news for more official Google Android devices? But I hear that the main reason for the big price tag is Motorola's their mobile patents. This might have something to do with Motorola hinting that they may start flexing their IP muscle and sue other Android manufacturers. That’s the kind of uncertainty that Google doesn’t need, especially since they are already being sued for violating patents on Android. In general this is good news.

I heard however that this is mainly to own some of the patent claims owned by Motorola. Some patented ideas don’t move on to get better as the owners are so afraid to change it - just in-case they lose it if they do.

My first ever phone was the Motorola Brick Phone. So I do have a lot of affection for the company that invented Mobile Phone and even though I paid £1750 for the first one all that many years ago, but it help me make a lot more money in the following 3 years that I had it. Having said that, I think Motorola is now in good hands and it can only grow and prosper from the current boss Google.

I do hear a lot of other bloggers talking about ulterior motives with Google being more interested in the catalogue of Patents that Motorola Owns. Google has realized that in this day and age patent wars are the name of the game.

Android operating system is a relatively new in the mobile space and being partly Open Source, has a lot of issues with Intellectual Property Rights. This has put Google behind in the patent game and left the company open to what Google’s chief legal officer David Drummond recently referred to as “a hostile, organized campaign against Android by Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and every other company with patents in this space. It is also so easy to take someone to court for patent infringements these days.

Motorola was founded 80 years ago and was the first company to put a mobile phone on the market. It holds 17,000 issued patents worldwide and has another 7,500 patents in progress. But that hasn’t left the company immune to patent lawsuits — it’s been engaged in a legal battle with Microsoft since October — but it does have a better patent defence than Google on its own.

Here are the other + for Google:

1- Google-Motorola will give Google TV a boost
2- Manufacturing capability that Google has never had

The downside for Google is that this will open up the possibilities of competitors buying out Nokia or RIM.


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