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Someone wants to buy a satellite to get the whole world online   Someone wants to buy a satellite to get the whole world online
By Salar Golestanian @ 07 Feb 2011 :: Article Rating
Kosta Grammatis is the guy that wants to buy the satellite and he says - "Access to the internet is a human right, so he wants to buy a communications satellite that is in orbit around the Earth to bring internet access to millions of people who can't, currently, get online".

Kosta also believes that the overall cost of computing continues to decrease substantially. In china and India, for example, they are rolling out the $12 laptop. Whilst, some people in developing countries spend half their disposable income on cell phones because telecommunications add value to their lives. If access to the internet were free, people will find a way to get devices to use it.

In his blog he is inviting people to Join the Team! Currently has over 100 volunteers around the globe who solve problems, conduct research, brainstorm, code, design, and goof off. They use the Internet as our tool for collaboration. 

"The way we work is quite autonomously. Projects come in and if a volunteer (or group of volunteers) has the time to tackle it they commit to a time-frame (which is generally ASAP!!!) and get to work. The most beneficial volunteers (and those we seek!) are those who continually produce high quality work quickly, are flexible with their time, quick to understand complex ideas and ask meaningful question, know their strengths and weaknesses, and feel the need to GET IT DONE (whatever “it” is)."

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