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Is iPad 3 going to have a 3D screen?   Is iPad 3 going to have a 3D screen?
By Salar Golestanian @ 11 Jul 2011 :: Article Rating
A few months ago in May I said that I was very happy not to upgrade to iPad-2 because iPad-3 is bound to have a 3D screen, so i might as well weight as there is nothing wrong with my iPad One. Now in a new report from RCRWireless claims that the iPad 3 will definitely have a 3D screen with major backing by large Hollywood film studios. Question: Glasses or no glasses?

“The fact that the iPad 3 is 3D is a dead cert,” one Hollywood insider close to the big movie studios told RCR, adding that the screen would be the real magic. She went on to say that the big film studios were currently running around like blue arsed flies trying to gear up to release plenty of 3D content in time for Apple’s next launch."

It's still a little early to be calling out rumours on the iPad 3, but sure enough, RCRWireless says a source is "dead certain" that the iPad 3 will have a 3D display because film studios are "currently running around like blue arsed flies trying to gear up to release plenty of 3D content in time for Apple's next launch." Does it make sense? I said it first in back in May!

Apple knows its biggest strength is having content to support its hardware. Without the record companies, the iPod would have flopped. Without app developers the iPhone wouldn't have lasted. The same will go for 3D-capable devices. Without 3D content, the devices won't stand a chance. That's one of the reasons why 3D TVs are still stuck in the mud — very few good 3D movies and games to enjoy on a $3000 flat screen.

The display will probably have to be glasses-free like the 3DS and have an adjustable depth slider or else the 3D iPad 3 will run into the same "headaches" problems Nintendo's new portable has. Apple's always touted its iPad as "magical." A little 3D would actually strengthen that claim.

Meanwhile, Taiwan-based manufacturer Foxconn, which builds a lot of Apple gear, has apparently been quite chatty about Apple's plans for a 3D-enabled iPad. In fact, the company "has already spilled the 3D iPad beans to several of our close industry sources," reports RCR.

If true, Apple's 3D ambitions may be similar to those of other tablet players. Then again, the iPad's 3D implementation may be quite unique. The LG Optimus Pad, an 8.9-inch Android Honeycomb slate, can record video in 3D, and port 3D content via its HDMI port to a 3D TV. And Research In Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook platform can output stereoscopic 3D visuals to a larger display, as shown in this concept demo.

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