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Continuum TV Series is near the top most popular despite only airing in Canada   Continuum TV Series is near the top most popular despite only airing in Canada
By Rohina @ 08 Jun 2012 :: Article Rating
It is the year 2077. Multinational corporations are now running things after they saved governments from economic meltdown and ruin; following a global recession. These corporations also got rid of things such as 'democracy'. After, all, capitalism doesn't really need democracy now, does it? Resulting in a protest, a group of radical terrorists blows up the "Corporate Congress" building that claims lives of several civilians.

The terrorists are later captured and sentenced to public television execution. However, they manage to escape the execution by dramatically jumping back in time straight to Vancouver in 2012. In order to track them and put an end to their vicious activities, a bionically-enhanced cop named Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) carelessly jumps back in time with them. Cameron joins forces with the local police and with the help of a young technology expert Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) to stop the terrorists from endangering the past or rather our present....

The Vancouver police are indeed a trusting lot as it seems and quickly accept that Kiera belongs to the force from another division without her so much as flashing a badge once.

Continuum jumps right into the action and doesn't try too hard to flesh out Cameron's future world. Not to mention, time travel stories have a lot of scope for some fish out of water shenanigans, but Continuum doesn't seem to fall for any of this. Instead, Kiera wastes no time to adapt life sixty years in the past and even manages to steal some cash to rent a hotel room from an ATM - making use of the future technology world she originally belongs to.


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