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Aquaman TV Series pilot episode is available over the internet   Aquaman TV Series pilot episode is available over the internet
By Salar Golestanian @ 01 Oct 2011 :: Article Rating
There was news last week that a trailer for the ‘Aquaman’ pilot has been making its way around the internet. Originally funded by the CW in 2006, the pilot starred Justin Hartley as Arthur “AC” Curry, Ving Rhames as McCaffery, and Lou Diamond Philips as Tom Curry. With such a great cast and positive feedback (the pilot is available on iTunes), However CW passed on the show. mainly the victim of the WB/UPN merger.

Apparently in US you can watch this pilot free on some cables. In rest of the world you need to do some goggling to find it as it is well worth the effort. ‘Aquaman’ episode establishes the story well. Arthur Curry knows he’s adopted, but he doesn’t know that he’s Orin, Prince of Atlantis. He lives in Tempest Key, FL, still obsessed over how his mother vanished ten years ago. According to his dad, Tom, AC is wasting his potential; he needs to stop getting arrested for freeing dolphins from amusement parks and go to college. However, AC is starting to feel as though something is happening to him. He can hold his breath for long periods of time and swim really fast, but he tells his friend and business partner Eva that he felt the dolphins call to him. After being attacked by a siren, he listens and believes McCaffery when he tells him about his past. Together they kill the siren who is after AC, possibly the same siren who killed or captured his mother.

Justin Hartley went on to co-star in ‘Smallville’, and I have watched some recordings recently and have been very impressed with his performance. And most certainly he is in par with Tom Welling. It is clear that Hartley has the charisma and talent to carry a series. ‘Smallville’ is now over, so Hartley is free to move on and may be someone out there is thinking how they could use him.



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