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Javier Bardem gleams as the new Silva in Skyfall   Javier Bardem gleams as the new Silva in Skyfall
By Rohina @ 02 Aug 2012 :: Article Rating

Keeping up with last year’s announcement that the forthcoming James Bond movie would be called Skyfall, the trailers have begun surfacing on the net and everywhere. Among the much ado of the theatrical teasers, the revelation comes forth that Oscar-winner Javier Bardem is the latest Bond villain.

Raoul Silva, as he is called in the movie, Bardem is seen meeting and greeting an all chained-up Bond head-on. Daniel Craig, the latest 007, is shown as an English cop in a concealing outfit. The adverts have already claimed on the status ofbeing ‘really cool’ by most cinemagoers as they provide their verdict on the releases.

For those who are yet to catch the trailer and are equally keen to feast their eyeballs on Skyfall, actor Ben Whishaw features in the clip as ‘The New Q’. What’s more? Various London locales contribute to the trailer as well, as mind-exploding action takes place all across.

The clip advances on with the ‘death’ of Agent 007 and M typing up his obituary.

Judi Dench, who plays Bond’s boss, is shown being punished by Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) as the former has lost an over important storage device that contained details of undercover British agents.

Brita ctress Naomie Harris – best known for her part in 28 Days Later along with Bérénice Marlohe, are to play the part of Bond’s girls.

The bad guy Javier Bardem is featured with his piercing talents. His part could be a follow up of Javier’s ominous play in “No Country for Old Men”.

Further, the global release of the latest Bond movie is even more pounding as it could ever be, and rightfully beats out all the lack of action that was in  “Quantum of Solace.”

Just a couple of minute’s appearance on-screen suggests Sam Mendes’ sharp directorial skills. He would surely fail to disappoint those die-hard James Bond followers that will turn up in huge numbers to catch up with this instalment of the franchise.

Skyfall is scheduled for a October 26 release.

In the meantime, you could catch the official trailer right here.


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