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To put it simply, Scifiwood is an online community for those who share a passion for science fiction. Not only do we help you connect to people similar to yourselves, We are building web tools to allow you to b create your own sci-fi projects. If you’ve ever had a truly genius idea for a sci-fi movie but never had the tools to make it happen, you’re not alone.Or maybe you’re a storyboard master or a comic book whizz kid but lacking those exciting innovative ideas to pull it together.

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These are various short and long News Articles, Reviews and Blogs by Salar Golestanianand employees ofSalarO.comas well as contributors of The subject matter are mixed topics with Pure Science to Science Fiction as well as general topics on Web Trends, Technology, Software Engineering genre, or whatever subject that can affect the convergence of today's technology with Science Fiction in any shape or form. These Blogs and Reviews don't have commercial or corporate aspiration, so they are indeed completely independent views. Some of these entries may be short and just link you to the actual news or site that can expand further on the subject of interest. In Phase II we plan to incorporate some Social Networking applications within the portal.


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+44 (0) XXX 033 7300

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