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PlayStation phone unveiled by Sony as The First Gaming Phone   PlayStation phone unveiled by Sony as The First Gaming Phone
By Salar Golestanian @ 22 Feb 2011 :: Article Rating
For the past year, my wife has been begging me to buy a new phone as she says my old phone is mostly unavailable in recent times. I have never been interested in iPhone as to play with iOS with both iPod and iPad so I do not have any need for yet another iOS device. So it is going to be either Windows Phone 7 or an Android.  And neither has convinced me enough until this week’s announcement by Sony for Xperia Play.

Considering that I am a gadget lover, most people laugh when they see me struggle to make a Phone call, on my very old Smartphone which was one of the exclusive phones  by UK O2- XDA running windows mobile 6 that I bought over 4 years ago. It has a great TomTom SatNav, but the rest of it is very sad indeed. To be honest the amazing TomTom has been the only reason I have kept it. My BMW Sat Nav developed a bug & BMW wanted 2800 USD to replace it so that was the only way I could get to destinations.

I am not a Serious gamer but I have a 4 year old son that has completely overtaken my iPad as well as iPod and I know if the new phone is anything less than a perfect toy, then he will not be happy. It seems to me that Sony Ericsson has figured out that the geeky gamers everywhere are going to be thrilled to hear about a new device that’s going to finally make their favourite games more portable while keeping them just as fun as before. But I think they are wrong in that assumption. It has made me very excited and I am most certainly just an occasional gamer, and yet I am very energized.

The Xperia Play is widely seen as an attempt to breathe new life into the platform in the face of competition from games-capable smartphones. Many gamers have found themselves drawn to devices such as Apple's iPhone that feature faster processors and higher resolution screens. So this this is a very smart move for Sony.

I think Sony Ericsson has effectively changed the way we’ll see mobile phones forever by the launch of the first dedicated gaming mobile smart phone.  Choosing to make the big announcement at the Mobile World Congress, the new phone (widely referred to as the PlayStation phone) has already attracted unprecedented attention from gamers around the world. 

Xperia™ range. The Xperia™ PLAY will come pre-loaded with a number of true PlayStation™ games optimized for mobile enjoyment.  But the killer is that the new smart phone will also be the most up-to-date Android phone with easy access to the Android Market™.

The phone appears to be a compact, stylish and sophisticated phone in a typical Sony style. Xperia™ PLAY features the identifiable and characteristic Sony Ericsson shape whilst maintaining the usual classic PlayStation™ controller design for the ultimate gaming experience. This state-of-the-art Android equipped mobile phone also has specialist gaming keys hidden in its retractable pad, including the widely-recognized dual analogue inputs.

Here are the main features.
  • Real game control
  • PlayStation™ certified
  • Powered by Android (Gingerbread)
  • Integrated Camera as well as front facing camera
  • Keep in touch with Google Services


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