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Hi, I'm Salar Golestanian, and this is my blog site. I hope you'll find lots of good information here - my thoughts about science, technology, the internet and a dash of fantasy all to help our imagination run wild whilst we are busy making a better world we live in . There are occasional blogs about things I'm working on and the sporadic odd strange post or two so please forgive me for being outspoken at times.

These days there is a constant reduction in the gap between real science and Science Fiction. The speed of advances in Computer Science, Mobile, Robotics and Bio Technology is what making the gap narrower with time at an ever faster rate. If we look at what is currently technologically possible and compare it with what was considered Science Fiction not so long ago, you can see what I mean. Take the current selection of Smartphones, Tablets, Minority report type input devices like Kinect and you can see the realization of tools and gadgets that were once Science and Science Fiction and now just practical Science. 

Here at Scifiwood we have a number of weekly topics that touch on the convergence real Science and Science Fiction. We would like to talk about the current News and Events taking place in both worlds. We would also be putting up short news that links to latest stories about books, Blogs, games, movies, television shows and so much more. Purpose of this site is still within the realm of science fiction, however, it is to allow you to draw parallel and make extrapolation beyond the confines of everyday reality and dive our imagination deep into the worlds of creativity and fantasy based on the advances we see on weekly basis in the world of Science and Technology.  Our goal is to use this site as a lunch pad to dive deep into the world of real science as well as science fiction on all levels.

Scifiwood.com is dedicated to being a forerunner in the scope of Technology, Computer Science as well as fantasy and science fiction. It will bring you topical news and with our stories and valuable links to reviews and blogs, we also want to develop the necessary web technologies to allow our fellow technology and science fictions fans connect, and perhaps allow them to share or develop some of their ideas by discussing them in our social networking applications that we would be developing here. At the same time we will be bringing you latest news in movies, television series, games, books, comic books and technology related topics.

The formal launch of the site was 1st of January 2011 and Scifiwood is founded by Salar Golestanian and is currently founded by revenue from Salaro.com

Please see the growing list of contributors below and We would be building a team of contributors to Scifiwood.com and therefore, please let us know by applying here.

ScifiWood Contributors

Salar Golestanian

My first degree was a BSc in Physics from the University of Surrey, UK, followed by a Masters and MPhil in morphological and electrical aspects of thin vacuum-evaporated films of polytetrafluoroethylene† (PTFE) See it here at InformaWorld. After a few years in Audio Visual Industry I joined a Development company in property and architectural practice, I started the one of the first computer-aided design companies in UK. As system integrators under DigiColour, we took architectural line drawings for new builds and superimposed digital impressions on the proposed site photograph. This is when I fell in love with my MacIIfx and Desktop Publishing Software.

My love of IT remained.  In the mid 1990s I discovered the early web and was excited about the brave new world of cyber space when most of my audience did not own a PC, let alone a Modem.  By 2001 I had founded the early days of content management systems and IBuySpy and later, DotNetNuke.  I now run an established system integration business 'SalarO', from the U.K., with a team of 12 developers. I am married with 3 lovely children and live in South East U.K.

The Science and Web world today, moves and progresses swiftly, so I hope to keep a continuous flow of work related information and ideas in my subsequent blogs that would also relate to the world of Science Fiction.

Favourites: The Matrix, The New Star Trek, Blade Runner, Battlestar Galactica (New),  Pirates of Caribbean, Inception, Twilight Saga, Asimov.

Abigail Golestanian

Favourites: The New Star Trek, Inception, Twilight Saga, Star Wars trilogy.